What is Paint by Numbers?

Paint by Numbers is a form of painting, which is created without any artistic ability. It is meant for those who can’t paint, who don’t have any artistic skills. A paint by numbers kit is a series of numbered geometric shapes in various colours. Using these, one could create a painting of a given picture. The creation of paint by numbers started in the 1940s with the use of mechanical stencils.

What sizes do we recommend for a custom painting?

The size of the paintings is completely depending on your requirements, however, if your picture has more than 2 people in it then we suggest you go for bigger sizes than basic size.

An error on your order?

If you received an item, you did not order or an item is missing, please contact Eazy Arts support at info@eazyarts.in

How to modify or cancel your order?

To modify or cancel the order please reach out to us at info@eazyarts.in

Does the paint cover the numbers?

Our paint is made in house and provides excellent coverage from the first coat.

Do I have to mix colours to make a paint-by-numbers painting?

No, our paints do not require mixing. Just pick the shade with a corresponding number on the canvas sheet and start painting.

Do the kits contain enough paint to complete your paint-by-numbers?

Yes, our kits always contain more paint than you need, before we ship, we always measure the required quantity of each shade for painting your canvas, we check the size of the canvas as well how much area does each shade covers. In case of any shortage please feel free to reach out to us.

What is the shelf life of the painting?

Due to the perishable nature of the painting, we recommend that you create your paint-by-numbers painting within 6months from the date you have placed the order.

Will the colours of the finished paint by numbers match the images on the website?

Yes, the images on our website are of the finished product. Therefore, the result of your work should be very close to the images online.

How are our products packaged for shipping?

EazyArts PBN kit will come in a Colourful Cylindrical container so that the canvas is not folded and does not have any lines on it, along with Paint pods, 1 set of brushes, and an Instruction sheet.

How long does it take for the products to be shipped?

All our products are manufactured within 2-3 days.

How long does it take to deliver our products?

It will take 10-15 days to deliver the Order.

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept UPI, all Debit and Credit cards

Do I have to know how to paint to use your paint by numbers?

Absolutely NOT. Using Eazy Arts paint by numbers kit anybody can paint any picture with ease. The only skill required here is patience! However, we have categorized our products into 3 levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) so that everyone can find something which suits them.

Will the colors of the finished paint by numbers of paintings be identical to the images on the website?

Yes, we have 2400+ color shades in stock and we can make any required shade.

What are the characteristics of the image to be sent for custom paintings?

You need to make sure that the image is not blurry, and the subject is focused. Apart from this we suggest not to use upload images which has many people, however, if you are doing so then we advise you to select the biggest size canvas along with 36-48 colors. Also, note that your picture should be at a given ratio of the size, or else we will have to crop the same to adjust.