Step by step guide to paint by numbers kit by eazy arts

Step By Step Instructions for Completing Your Paint by Numbers Kit

If you are landed on this page that means you must have received your paint by numbers kit or you are planning to order your first paint by numbers kit.

In both the cases you have reached the right place to know how you can start painting your paint by numbers kit.


Step 1: Get Everything That You Need In Place.

  1. Get a cup of water to clean the brushes.

  2. A waste cloth to wipe the brushes.

  3. A flat surface to place the canvas.

  4. A paper to place below your hand while painting.

  5. The soft copy of the reference guide, which we have sent it to your email.

  6. A clean and calm place with some background music of your favourite playlist.

Step 2: Let’s Get Started

  1. Place your canvas on a flat surface and understand the numbers and outlines printed on it.

  2. Now is the time to take a picture of your canvas or start that video recording to post on your social media handles.

  3. Pick the largest area and start painting the respective color. Use the large brush for large areas and small brush for smaller areas.

  4. Start with the darker colors first and then move to the light colors. Start at the top and work your way down.

    As you move from the top to the bottom of your canvas, go from left to right if you are right-handed. For left-handed people, start working your way from the top to the bottom of your canvas from right to left.

  5. Avoid making your canvas dirty, use a paper to place below your hands while painting.

  6. Try to paint one color at a time, and once you finish that then move to the next. We highly recommend this way as it prevents the paints from drying.

  7. If you want to make a great transformation reel of your painting, take a picture each time you finish painting a color.

  8. Painting is a fun activity, so don’t forget to have fun while painting, you can do this activity alone as well as with your friends, partner, or kids.

    Make sure you take breaks in between and don’t stress out. Take your own time to finish the painting.

Step 3: Detailing

  1. If you have ordered an adult or custom paint by number kit, there will be lots of detailing on your canvas and some of the numbers may not be visible with naked eyes.

    Use the soft copy of your reference sheet which we have sent to your email. You can zoom in as much as possible to see the exact numbers and paint accordingly.

  2. Begin painting with the tip of your paintbrush! Using only the tip improves the precision of your strokes and keeps you within the lines. It also keeps paint from drying out in the bristles near the handle, which could damage your brush.

    Using only the tip saves paint, so you'll have plenty left over for touch-ups and fun free-hand kits once you're finished!

  3. When switching between colors, make sure to properly clean your brushes. To remove as much color from the brush as possible, dip it into the water bowl, wipe it against a paper towel, and repeat.

  4. Paint two or three layers of paint on the numbers and the outline to make sure they do not appear in the final result.

  5. We only use acrylic paints that dissolve in water. Sometimes, paint will dry out if it wasn't properly sealed after usage.

    In that case add a drop or two of warm water to a paint pod if you see that it has become too thick or dried up.

Step 4: Finishing Up

  1. When you are finishing up, make sure you touch-up everywhere required.

  2. Frame your canvas, if it doesn’t have frame and hang it at your favourite place in home.

  3. If you want to protect your painting, then apply a single layer of varnish over the painting. It will make your painting last longer than usual. (Before applying varnish make sure the painting is dried up properly)

  4. Share your painting/painting reel over social media and don’t forget to tag us @eazyartsin.

  5. Lastly please share your painting experience and feedback with us by submitting the review form on our website.

If you were able to follow our instructions, then you should now be the proud owner of a beautiful painting.

It’s worth taking a little extra time to store your painting safely, so it will last for many years. Make sure that you don't expose it to direct sunlight, and keep it away from places that are very hot or humid. Happy Painting :)

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